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I've read most posts here, and while an interesting debate, I just want you all to know what my children's daycare situation is.

1 person running their own daycare, they have 6 kids, all are full time (4 or 5 days a week). It's $1500 a month for 5 days, $1200 a month for 4 days.

Now here's the kicker...

These are the days off the daycare takes that we have to PAY for:
MLK - 1 day
Presidents - 1 day
Spring Break - 5 days (1 week)
Memorial Day - 1 day
Independence Day - 1 day
Summer Break - 15 days (3 weeks)
Labor Day - 1 day
Veteran's Day - 1 day
Thanksgiving - 5 days (1 week)
Winter Break - 10 days (2 weeks)

Now if you count that, it totals 41 days. 41 business days. That's OVER 8 WEEKS that daycare is closed during the year that we have to pay for. 2 MONTHS OFF, 1/6th of the year, that we are paying for without getting any service. And the worst part is this is not unusual for our area. My wife and I both work full time, and we have to trade off taking time off work to cover the days daycare is closed to watch out own kids.

So like I said, I've read most of the posts in this thread, and I agree that daycares should take holidays paid cause most others get them too. I'm all for the 10 major holidays a year, including days around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years (hell, take a whole week off during X-mas, that's fine), but 2 months off is a crazy hardship for parents, and there really should be some kind of law preventing daycares from charging for more then the first 2 weeks they take off.
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