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Our daycare provider charges only for the days my daughter is physically there so long as we tell them by the Sunday evening of that particular week. So we do not pay for holidays, we do not pay for our vacations, and we don't pay for any days I know in advance that she won't be there. They use this open communication system of scheduling to give their caretakers more flexibility in their own schedules. So no, not all providers charge for the "slot." Some actually charge for the care that is provided.
I love this. Providers that charge on holidays or inclement weather days use that as an advantage to get paid time off. They claim for their profession to be such a hassle especially when having children of their own but what I know they're aware of is, they all know this prior to making the decision to become childcare providers. Keep in mind, child care providers, the consideration of not charging for these days are allowing the parents to pay who is available when you're not. Yes it only makes sense to abide by policy but even still, STOP ROBBING THE PARENTS BECAUSE YOU DECIDE YOU DON'T WANT TO GET YOUR LAZY ASSES OUT OF BED DUE TO A LITTLE SNOW ON THE GROUND. THE SOUTH DOESN'T GET NEARLY AS MUCH SNOW AS THE NORTH AND SCHOOL IS STILL GOING, WORKING IS STILL FLOWING.
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