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Originally Posted by Disgruntled Dad View Post
Our day care cost $245/week for 4 days/week. There are 208 days in the year 2017 that my child will be scheduled for day care. According to google there are approximately 10 holidays this year. Thatís 198 days that the day care would be open for us assuming that all holidays fall on my childís scheduled days. Thatís $3.10 more a day or $12.40/week for a total of $257.40 per week. So back to the perception $257.40 per week looks better than getting charge $61.25 for a day that no service is rendered and now you have to go pay some else to take care of your child.
Not sure if I stated this earlier but I do understand having to pay for the days if I cancel.
Originally Posted by Disgruntled Dad View Post
P.S. If I had paid all year for my child to go then decided in mid November that I no longer need the services you just made a little extra that year.

Donít worry though the next largest scam in American do it the same way. Colleges and other schools. They donít give back tuition when there is a snow day or the teacher calls out and cancels classes (college). would you expect to pay for guitar lesson if the instructor canceled?

Can I ask why not hire a nanny?

That way they work FOR you and YOU get to dictate everything.... including costs and what days they work/don't work.

Why did you choose to enroll in family child care or a center verses hiring a nanny?
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