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Smile Home Insurance Rider Vs. Stand Alone Policy

I am an independent insurance agent in Minnesota. I specialize in Childcare insurance for In Home daycares, group and commercial daycare centers, drop-in centers, Head start programs, etc.

After reading many of the posts on this site regarding Daycare Insurance, I wanted to offer some clarification on the differences between the coverage you receive by adding a rider to your Home insurance versus purchasing a stand alone Childare Business insurance policy.

First, regardless of what company you insure your home with, State Farm, Allstate, American Family, etc., their Daycare liability riders are basically the same. They limit coverage to a specific number of children and usually require you to count your own children in that number, typically 1-6 kids.

Second, your coverage is limited to your property. Meaning that if you take the kids on field trips, to the park, or anywhere else off of your property, your policy will not provide coverage.

Third, a rider on your home policy does not offer coverage for illness due to food preparation or for any medications that you may need to administer.

Fourth, the riders do not offer any Sexual Molestation or Abuse coverage. Remeber, you do not have to be guility of anything. The mere allegation can cost you a substantial amount in both defense costs and damage to your reputation.

Fifth, if you are transporting any kids in your vehicle the riders will not offer any coverage and neither will your Auto insurance policy as this may constitute using your vehicle for business purposes. This coverage can be added to a Childcare Business policy.

I hope everyone finds this info helpful. I would be happy to answer any questions regarding insurance.
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