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Southern CA in Ventura County in a beachside town. I live in a part of the town that's considered a "good" part but not the best. $200/wk FT. Breaks down to $4/hr and my hourly rate just goes up from there the less number of hours and days the child comes. In my same city in the "least desirable" part of town FCC rates are $100-$125/week FT. In the "best" part of town they're $250/wk or more.

One city west from me and more inland/rural the prices drop down to $150/wk FT at their highest. One city south of me and still next to the ocean the highest I've seen is typical of my prices. North of me about 35 minutes is Santa Barbara and there the prices are about $350/wk FT.

It's difficult to tell you what to charge because prices differ from state to state, city to city and even within cities. Your best bet is to contact your local resource and referral agency and ask them for the reimbursement ceilings AKA the highest they pay for a family as subsidy. Usually this amount is the average cost of daycare in the county.
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