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Originally Posted by tenderhearts View Post
Daily connect I haven't heard of it, is it an app where you add them and they answer the questions like procare? I will look into it for sure.

This is straight from their site. It is only $1.25 per child, per month. It does everything to include portfolios and assessments.

"Reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission with contactless sign-in and health screening procedures. A fully customizable health questionnaire can be set up each day for parents to sign-in their child. Answers are automatically shared with staff, and archived for easy access and for regulatory compliance.

Daily Connect allows the information to be passed from childcare staff to parents digitally instead of on paper handouts to reduce the spread of germs. Digital signature of incident reports and sign-in forms can be collected via the application. A report with the children temperature readings is easily accessible along many more reports." -
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