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Originally Posted by tenderhearts View Post
When you do this do you do a daily report? I wouldn't do that unless I had an infant, I would really only want to use the in and out and daily questions, and menu
I do. It is constant, instant, contact.

I just click what we are doing along with our schedule during the day - Centers - Art - Music - Mealtime/Menu - Outside - Movie - Book/Storytime, etc.

I snap photos several times a day and send them with one click to all or individually. It archives them all and allows me to chose what to add to their portfolios which can be viewed as videos, later. I also add messages, documents, recipes, menus, parent resource sheets and our full curriculum for each day. I get copies of them everyday, too, which helps me plan next years curriculum, in advance. I keep them in one email folder for quick reference.

It also has behavior, health, supply need and pretty much anything I will ever need to say to anyone. I can link my full contract so with one click I can re-send it anytime there is a question. They can access it at will, too.

I did not learn it all in one day. I continue to customize it to my program. It can be as simple or as complex as you want it. Same price.
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