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How old are the kids? What are the reasons your child says they don't like the DCK? Are they competitive? Is it just one of those situations where they just don't click or mesh well and there aren't really any specifics?

I feel for your child as this is HIS home and HIS mother so I totally understand. My own DS hated most the DCK's and it was tough to deal with it. I was/am lucky enough that I don't live in my daycare so he went home when he got old enough to do so and I enrolled him in summer day camp just to keep him separate as much as possible.

The ironic thing was I started daycare because my son was "one of those kids" that most of us vent about. Just didn't do well, HATED daycare and was termed 2 times before age 15 months for constant crying and never adjusting.

If you are financially able to and the situation is really bad, I would consider terming. I feel so badly for kids who HAVE to grow up in daycare when there are situations like this.
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