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Default Holiday Weekend Funny - How Many Parents Forgot About Your Closing Next Week???

Not sure how much clearer I can be! I only have a few families & they are all teachers. I gave each of them my schedule of closing dates (pretty much closed whenever my kids' school is closed) in late May & then gave each of them an additional copy 2 weeks ago. In addition, I wrote on each child's take-home note on Wednesday a reminder that I am closed Mon & Tues next week as per my closing schedule. Nothing like overkill, right?!?!

So today one parent (DCD) comes to pick up & says to my SA kids - enjoy your 3 day weekend. I mention that they get Tuesday off also (he teaches in a district where they are open on Tues). Then he asks - So you are still open Tuesday anyway, right?!? I nicely said no, I am closed. Your wife should know this (I wanted to say HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW?!) . I feel like it is NO EXCUSE that the DCD doesn't know. Annoyed. But it gave me a good laugh. I am sure the minute he got in the car he was calling or texting his wife asking - "Did you know the sitter is closed Tues????"

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