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Originally Posted by craftymissbeth View Post
Yes... you understood what I was trying to say 100%. And that's fantastic advice... I think I will direct my concerns to our elected officials. If they are going to require us to be licensed (licensed vs unlicensed is not my concern here) yet are incapable of enforcing that requirement... then I'm at a loss. And actually, it has only been a few years (not sure of the exact year) since they removed our ability to be simply registered providers rather than fully licensed
ETA: in Kansas you must be licensed if you watch children other than family in your own home more than 20 hours per week
Ok! Now we are getting somewhere! I think this is a crisis. I think craigslist makes it too easy to provide ILLEGAL care. I also think it is a way to prey on young, poor and the working single moms. It.drives me insane to see ads for these "anything goes" care providers on craigslist. At least once a week I see a vent about ridiculously cheap, unqualified, and likely illegal providers.

Who here thinks some sort of crack down on illegal care needs to happen? Licensing needs HELP. They need to hire just ONE PERSON to investigate, inspect and monitor suspected illegal providers. Budgets need to reflect the stated goals of state family and child services. In other words, put their money where their mouths are.

I world love to scan the ads and send a my licensor, but I already know she.doesn't have enough hours in the work day just to patrol the licensed and legally unlicensed providers she already has. There used to be 4 inspectors in my county. Now there are 2. Do the math. Thanks,.Rick Scott, Governor.
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