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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
All I was trying to say is that at least, however we as providers run our business, we all love the kids and have chosen to be a daycare provider.

As long as you follow the rules for either way,there should be no one telling us how we should run our daycare as people are trying to say with all these posts.
I understand what you are trying to say but if a provider is ILLEGALLY operating, how do we KNOW that they are or aren't following the rules and regulations?

If a provider is operating illegally, she isn't subject to unannounced inspections so there is NO way to know that she is or isn't following those guidelines other than her word.

...and I would NEVER take someone's word for something, especially if they were operating illegally because if they are willing to take that risk then their word is definitely not worth much...kwim?

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