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Originally Posted by Sugar Magnolia View Post
wow! 18??? Holy Toledo. Outrageous

Well, she is just doing it because she "loves kids", not for the illegal cash she is raking in. (sorry to beat the "unregistered" dead horse again)

Yep, there is plenty of money in state budgets, but the urgency isn't there. Until someone dies. THEN there will be a public outcry. For a
. Then it will go back on the back burner.
(bolding mine)

This is why it is important to point out the difference between ILLEGAL and UNLICENSED. When something tragic does happen the focus is put in the wrong place.

Here in BC there was a death that occurred in an ILLEGAL unlicensed family home daycare. The woman was caring for 6 children while only legally allowed to care for 2. In the news report they repeatedly said UNLICENSED instead of ILLEGAL. There is a huge difference between the two but unfortunately people who watched the news report may automatically assume they are the same thing. I am unlicensed but am doing nothing wrong and I am completely LEGAL and I don't like being lumped in with someone who chooses to break the law.
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