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First off, know that 90% of complaints by parents in regards to providers are from families who owe the provider money. Your licensor can obviously see that and she can see that money issues were the problem. I had a parent report me once b/c I would not allow her child to stay. Her child was part time and I was full that day and she showed up unscheduled. Licensor showed up at my door cuz law says she has to and she calmed me down and said, why would a family call on me b/c I wouldn't keep their child? They obviously liked my care or they wouldn't have complained about me not keeping their kid. Parent are usually just mad about something so they call out of anger. As far as the asistance goes, I NEVER allow a family to begin care until I have a contract in my hand from the county. I will accept a call from the worker stating exactly when the care starts and for how long but I do NOT accept the parent's word. In my state if parents do not pay their co-pays, providers can report that to the county and the assistance will be stopped. This includes payments to new providers.
I would assume the licensor found no wrong doing on your part so I wouldn't stress about it. You will find people make unfounded calls all the time and as long as you are a provider and aren't guilty of anything, there is nothing much you can do except hold your head up and know you are a good provider. Good luck!
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