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Originally Posted by Danielle View Post
First off, you've done nothing wrong!! I am a home daycare provider and a mom that practices attachment parenting. I have babies (now and past) that have moms that's have the same parenting views. Trying to bottle feed someone else's nursling and being a nursing mom does have difficulties. But it's possible. Each baby I have to figure out what's best for that baby. One baby only ate facing away from me. One, I couldn't hold while feeding. Another I had to have a blanket from home draped on my shoulder. While another didn't seem to notice. I have a Mei Tei, Moby and a Maya wrap. Some babies prefer different ones. I see nothing wrong with expecting a provider to hold your baby as much as they need...yes, the need it at that age. This is why I only have 1 baby in my care at a time. Babywearing is great b/c it calms the baby but my hands are still free to care for the toddler. The baby I have in my care now was alot like your child. The first week or so, he spent alot of time in the sling with me dancing. He did adjust. If your provider is not willing to do what it takes to make your baby happy, find another provider. Infants are demanding and if a provider is going to care for one, they have to be prepared for that.

And last but not least.. many hugs!
Yep, this!! It's just like when leaving baby with daddy at first--baby and daddy need time to adjust to each other and find their own way, and so do baby and daycare provider. I actually quickly learned to not ask parents how they do things at home with their child because that way will NOT work for me, because I'm not them and this is not home.

If you give the provider leeway to experiment and find her own way with your precious little one, success will probably come faster and easier. I know, it's hard--I have trouble with that sometimes and my DD is 3 YEARS not 3 months!! Remember; it will take time for baby to adjust. It's hard to hear about her having a hard day, but she will adjust.
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