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Default Same Situation

I am a childcare provider and I have a two year old that has previously been cared for by her grandma. She has been in my care for two months now and does not interact with other kids. She follows me around wanting to know when mommy is coming all day long while crying. If I leave the room she screams. I comforted her very much the first month to make her feel safe and secure in our home and it did not help matters. I ask her to go and sit down if she is going to cry because it does start to get on the other kids nerves when they are tyring to play. I do the whole not giving attention when she is sitting and crying and she will eventually stop but will not play with the other children unless I am right there beside her. The minute I get up to do someting she follows me and begins to cry and ask when mommy is coming. I tell her mommy will be back soon, play and have fun then mommy will be here. We have tried the picture thing and that almost made it worse. She looked at the picture and cried all day asking where mommy and daddy were. I do not know what else to do for her. I am at a loss. I want her to adjust socially because it is so very important for her. But at the same time the other children are being affected by the behavior. I feel sorry for her because eventually she needs to socialize for school and other reasons. But at the same time I need to think about the other kids in my care. Please help!!!!!! I do not know what else to try.
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