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Totally keep the crying corner!!! I care for a 3 year old that likes to cry when she doesn't get her way, doesn't like something, etc. I do a crying corner also and it helps so much!

I had a different one who had some transition issues at drop off and pick up. Together we made a book of our daily routine. I took a picture of him to go along with each activity. Then I just typed it on Word and put the pic in (ringing the door bell for drop off, sitting at the table for snack, a clock with the time Mom picks up, etc). I sent it home so the parents could read it with him and it seemed to help. It might sound like a lot of work, but it really isn't. Maybe print out 2 copies and keep one for him during the day to look at. I agree with the other post about giving him a job to do. That might help channel his energy better and away from wanting mom.
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