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Originally Posted by mrsp'slilpeeps View Post
I have a DCG that has been here for 2 yrs.

She knows that the tv in the family room is not going to left on for her to sit there and stare at it all day.

So now she tries the crying and whining of I miss my mommy, daddy, ect, ect.

She is also upset that she now has no one to play with that is her age anymore. Its not my fault her daycare friends, DCG #2 hasnt come back yet, and DCG #3 was terminated.

She doesnt want to play toys, crafts, read, color.........

Has anyone else had this problem, and how did you fix it?

I had a DC kid do something similar, but it was because of issues at home. What I did was offer consistancy and extra TLC while ignoring the whining. I praised out the wazoo when she used her nice voice, and played nicely with others. The only time she did get a TO was if she kept asking for the tv after I had said no. A child who keeps whining is trying to wear you down. So I would put her in a TO to stop that. I can't say in my case that it got any better, I probably just didn't notice it as much toward the end (before she went to school). I do wonder if you could set up a soft spot for her away from the main area for her to sit in until she is ready to join the group?
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