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Heidi 12:51 PM 08-06-2012
-I saw the vegetable peelers and choppers. At what age do you introduce them? Is 2 1/2 too early? I would not have them on a tray, but would be doing this as more of an activity. Like...making vegetable soup or carrot bread.

-Do you rotate your trays or are they always the same? I only have 3 kids here that are over 2 (and at most would have 5). So, how many work trays should I have, and should I change the materials on them periodically?

-Do you have art supplies available at all times? If so, do you set up trays for those, or could you, or just have a designated spot for small groups to color, cut, etc?

-What about dramatic play? I have a housekeeping corner, and it's definately a group activity, not an individual on-the-mat thing.

I'm not asking what the official Montessori way is, I'm wondering what works for people that are Montessori influenced family daycare.

I had been thinking about using for my kids to help with some of the fighting over toys, and to help my little guy who is not a strong free-player. He mostly goes around disturbing other people, and it would help him with boundries. Then, the threads about Montessori came up and got me wondering.

I also want to do some theme-based learning, because I think the parents really like that (it seems more "school" to them), and the kids like the changes and newness of it.

Any ideas welcome!