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SilverSabre25 07:16 PM 08-06-2012
Originally Posted by glenechogirl:
The best part of the Mont. philosophy is that it's all about observation and individualizing. So I don't think there is really any rule as to what age can use the peelers and choppers, you know your kids, you know their impulse control, ability to follow directions, and fine motor skills. Think about it, try it, and see how it goes. If it doesn't work it's not a failure, they just aren't ready and you save it for later.

I can't answer your other questions as I haven't figured out how to do the Mont. works I want to do with such mixed ages. When my infants were pre-mobile I had trays out for the 2s to do, pouring, scooping, etc. but now that all 3 infants are walking, crawling, pulling up, etc. I can't have any of that stuff out and Mont. trays and rugs have fallen to the wayside. Which really bums me out!
Oh, I'm in the same place. I'm trying to make it work. It's also complicated by one dck who just...can't understand that sometimes we keep the pieces together where they belong instead of taking them wherever you want.