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... But since she willingly left your care, it is not your place to go out of your way to contact her because even you said that you do not know all the facts. It's not good for not only the providers business but your business as well to contact their daycare parents because the provider may see it as you trying to lure their clients (AKA the provider's livelyhood) away- which could cause a whole can of worms not only between you two but you and other providers in the area. For all you know the provider may have told all the parents about the incident- thought they may not have to legally because it may not have happen in their home or during business hours.

Also, I know your heart is in the right place and it seems like you really care for the family but you need to think about all the possible things that may arise. Even though there is a chance the parent may be greatful that you told them (if they didn't already know) about the incident, she may find it desperate and even creepy that you called her after she left your program to tell her about something bad about her choice in daycares- parents get very defensive when you show any judgement about their parenting choices. Some people may even see it as unprofessional since you do not know anything about the providers involvement (if any) in this incident and since it was a previous daycare family that left your daycare for that provider and think you are just trying to scare her back- I know that is not your intent but it can be seen that way.

You can pick your house and your neighborhood but you can't always pick your neighbors (unless you run the H.O.A.). Any provider would hate it if another provider brought up something that your neighbors did (that you had NO control over and that is NOT their business) infront of or directly to your clients which may cause them to leave. I cannot image the stress that this provider is already going through due to this incident in fear of parents being freaked out, leave and leaving them not being able to stay open; not to mention their concern for the family if they were close friends with their neighbors.

If your do this and are not careful and the parent confronts the provider, she may report you to licensing for slander and they may even put you on probation or take your FCC liscense away for unfair/unprofessional practices- you never know in this world! So for you, your family, and your business's sake it's best to just keep out of it.