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Rainbow 10:46 PM 11-08-2014
I have a large daycare room in my house that also has our washer and dryer. We're going to be upgrading soon and changing to a front load washer and dryer. Currently we have a washer/dryer that has knobs on the top and back, way out of reach of my current group. But all of my daycare kids are currently 1 and under, so I know that with the buttons on the front, that they are not going to be able to resist touching them. There is a locking feature on the machines, but I worry that a kid could accidentally unlock it or just push buttons and damage them.

I'm still on the fence about purchasing pedestals for them. Does anyone have an opinion on if that would help childproof them a bit more or if there is some other way to make the buttons less tempting or accessible? The pedestals would raise them about 15".

Otherwise the only reason I can think of that the pedestals are worth it for me, is that it means less bending over while washing laundry. Without the pedestals, it means I have the option to fold laundry on top.