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Bluemoon5 05:15 PM 09-22-2019
I've had my share of head bangers over the years. What kind of reaction does she get at home for that behavior? My last little one was almost two. When told no he would throw himself on the floor and bang his head, or if he was close enough, bang his head on the wall. Then he would look over at us to see our reaction. We would just shrug and say "Looks like that hurt."
It got bad so we got him a "beat up bear." It was a giant stuffed bear almost as big as he was. When he would get upset we would put him on top of the bear. Eventually we could tell him "go get your bear." Sometimes it would work.
A combination of moving the child somewhere safe and not reacting to the head banging has been the most effective method I've found of reducing the behavior.