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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
My daycare provider recently got a pet bird which is allowed to roam freely where the children play. Isn't this unsanitary and against the rules? What should I do and say?
My children have been nonstop sick ever since. Please advise.
First, can you define "roam freely"? Is the bird allowed out on the floor, etc? If so, this is definitely a hazard for the bird and possibly the children if they get bitten. And of course if it is going to the bathroom where the kids are, that is just wrong and I'm sure it is against state regulations (if your dc is legally unlicensed there are no "rules" however).

Second, you insinuate that your children are sick because of the bird. This is cold/flu season, so the two may be completely unrelated.

I have parrots here but they are well contained and kept away from the dc kids unless we bring them out for "show and tell" and even then, the children are NOT allowed near them. Having a bird (or any other pet) in a home daycare can be a wonderful thing and a great learning experience for the kids, but HOW the animal is cared for is key.

I would definitely bring up your concerns with your provider. I'd be more concerned with your child being bitten by a bird than them getting sick from one.
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