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daycarediva 09:31 AM 11-18-2014
20 3 year olds and 2 teachers? That's a very high ratio, IMHO. In my state it is 1:6. I have a child with aggressive tendencies. He never leaves my side. EVER. He hasn't hit anyone in weeks- because I won't give him the opportunity. It is MY job to keep the other children in care safe. If I can't do my job, I would either hire additional staff to handle this child, or let him go.

It sounds like your dd is not aggressive towards anyone but this child. If so, it is very much self defense behavior. The adults failed to keep her safe and she has now taken it upon herself.

Why hasn't this other child been let go yet? I assume he is not hitting JUST your child?

I would NEVER sign a blank form. Are there cameras in the center? I would want to VIEW each incident.

Ask the director at your meeting what steps they are taking to stop this child from being aggressive. How can THEY ensure YOU that YOUR child is safe?

These two should NEVER be alone/left to play together. The other child should be shadowed AT ALL TIMES. If the center isn't willing to make sure that happens, they have no business keeping him in care. He is a danger to the other children.