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Heidi 10:22 AM 11-18-2014
Your daughter is acting defensively, not aggressively. In her 3-year old, unsophisticated way, she is doing the only thing that works. Smart cookie!
That said, obviously we can't encourage that behavior.

That state-run, corporate center has way too many children for 2 teachers in 1 classroom. I don't care what the state regulations say: that's too many.

I would honestly say that if it were my child, I'd say "I cannot allow my daughter to be hurt any longer. I have given you enough time to work this out. So, honestly, either he goes, or we go. I hate to do that, but I have no choice. My child is my first responsibility."

They are going to start losing other parents. I have to say, corporate centers often see in terms of dollar signs first, which is why they are very slow to terminate children with major issues. When other parents start affecting their bottom line, they'll act.