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Blackcat31 12:02 PM 11-18-2014
Originally Posted by Chilly:
She is not the only child that is being hit. I've seen him hit other kids. She is the only child who is biting back (or so I'm told). One of the other parents approached me saying that her daughter had a huge gash on her hand from the same boy. She said she spoke to the director about it also. My guess is that the center has not removed the child because all of his siblings have went or go there and they are a huge money maker. The center has a "Non agression policy" that states that repeated agression and without positive progress after working with the child will result in the removal of the child. They also have a 3 bites your out policy. So basically they could ask us to leave because my daughter has bit this child 4 documented times. I understand that we may have to leave the daycare either way.

I do not sign the blank forms. I'm just asked to sign them. I tell them I won't sign them unless they can tell me about the incident.

There are security cameras in front of the playground that I am aware of. I'm not aware of any cameras inside. I don't know if they would allow me to watch any footage of the playground (assuming they have cameras on the playground), but I will certainly ask.

I agree to 10:1 ratio is rediculous. It is our state's MINIMUM requirement. I've said it before and I will reitterate it again tomorrow that they need more hands in that classroom.
I'm sorry but your DD has a right to be safe.

I don't care how many kids to teacher ratios are legally allowed.....Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Know what I mean?

Obviously the number of kids per teacher is too many if this is continuing to happen. Licensing rules state: "The operator shall maintain a staff adequate for the number, ages and developmental needs of the children to be accommodated." Which means that if a child is difficult due to something developmental, the center needs to have adequate staff available to manage that issue. Not just the number the state says is okay to have.

If I were you, when you meet with the director, you need to tell them that you WILL report this to licensing ASAP as failure to supervise and provide a safe environment.

I don't care if the boys parents, uncles, aunts and every person he is related to attended that center......his behavior should NOT be tolerated and expecting your DD to have to be shadowed now because of her behavior which is a DIRECT result of THE DAYCARE CENTER's inability to properly supervise is NOT okay.

Also asking you to sign a blank form (I know you didn't sign it) is a direct violation of licensing standards.

"The facility shall produce and maintain on the premises, for a period of not less than two years, a written record of all injuries or accidents that result in an injury to a child or illness of a child enrolled at the facility that occur on or off site as part of the child day care program. The report shall include a description of the injury, illness or accident, the date, time of occurrence and location and any action taken by the facility including, but not limited to, whether the child was transported to a hospital emergency room, doctor's office or other medical facility. The written report for an individual child shall be available to the department and a copy shall be provided to the child's parent(s) no later than the next business day"

Unfortunately, if the center does have cameras you wont or shouldn't be allowed to view them because it would violate the other kids' right to privacy so I wouldn't go that route but I would use your ability to report this to licensing because what is happening here is wrong on so many levels.

The center is acting inappropriately in several areas and I would not allow them to brush you off like they have.

Here is the contact info as well as the licensing rules for your area....

If I were you, I'd familiarize myself with them so the center knows you are NOT going to take this lightly.