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Bookworm 04:40 PM 11-18-2014
With the exception of the ratio, ours is 12:1, this is the 3s class in my center. The current owner also owns one the worse chain centers in the city. My center is a separate entity. This sounds like a lack of supervision. The fact that they can't tell you anything about any of the situations you've mentioned means that the kids aren't being watched. The slapping incident that happened while 3 teachers were in the room is unacceptable. I'm assuming they had their backs to you.

Based on my experience in the last 3yrs, don't expect any sort of resolution from the Director. I can also see them throwing some of the blame your way because of your DD biting in self defense. Corporate centers are all about the money and will tolerate anything just to keep the money flowing. Start looking for a new daycare now because I don't see the situation improving. BTW, the fact that your DD willingly and purposely tries to get sent to timeout just to be free from DCB is one of the saddest things I've heard from a child. Good luck.