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daycarediva 10:28 AM 11-25-2014
Originally Posted by Chilly:
She is not the only child that is being hit. I've seen him hit other kids. She is the only child who is biting back (or so I'm told). One of the other parents approached me saying that her daughter had a huge gash on her hand from the same boy. She said she spoke to the director about it also. My guess is that the center has not removed the child because all of his siblings have went or go there and they are a huge money maker. The center has a "Non agression policy" that states that repeated agression and without positive progress after working with the child will result in the removal of the child. They also have a 3 bites your out policy. So basically they could ask us to leave because my daughter has bit this child 4 documented times. I understand that we may have to leave the daycare either way.

I do not sign the blank forms. I'm just asked to sign them. I tell them I won't sign them unless they can tell me about the incident.

There are security cameras in front of the playground that I am aware of. I'm not aware of any cameras inside. I don't know if they would allow me to watch any footage of the playground (assuming they have cameras on the playground), but I will certainly ask.

I agree to 10:1 ratio is rediculous. It is our state's MINIMUM requirement. I've said it before and I will reitterate it again tomorrow that they need more hands in that classroom.
How did the meeting go? I hope they helped resolve this issue for you. If not, I would be seeking care elsewhere. I bet the biting from your dd stops with proper supervision.