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Originally Posted by Leigh View Post
I make a wide variety of healthy foods (a protein, a carb, 2 veggies or a fruit and a veggie, and milk at lunch). It could be hotdish, prime rib, shrimp scampi, tacos, or ham and cheese sandwiches. I don't plan meals around picky eating. I serve them and they decide whether to eat it or not. I would not serve chips, I would not serve hot dogs, and chicken nuggets are a rare treat around here. The only way that kids get out of that picky rut is to try new things. My OWN kid had broccoli served to him at least 30 times before picking it up one day, taking a bite and saying "MMMMM, broccoli! Thanks, Mom!" (he was 2 at the time).

I have another kid whose mom admits that she has never served him a vegetable at home because she, her husband, and her other 2 kids don't like them. They eat processed, easy to cook or microwave meals and a lot of fast food at home. I put vegetables on his plate every day. He used to get mad and take his plate straight to the trash the moment I gave it to him and dump it out. I didn't say a word. When he asked for something to eat as soon as lunch was cleaned up, I just told him that I JUST gave him lunch, and we'll have snack in 3 hours. Sometimes, he did the same at snack, and when his mom showed up, he would BEG for junk food to take home with him (my husband has pop tarts and chips in the cupboard, and he knows it). I told him that he could eat at supper, and that I already gave him snack. One day, he started eating, and now he asks me to make him green beans (his new favorite food) or to make bean burritos.

That said, some kids have LEGIT food issues. I have a girl who threw up one day after lunch because she thought her beef enchiladas had fish in them (they did not). She is so averse to seafood that she will vomit. I had a kid years ago who was the same way with mashed potatoes, of all things! When I have kids like that, I'll serve them an alternative. Some kids have other issues that require feeding therapy. I'll accommodate that. I just won't do so with kids who are holding out for junk food.
We have a policy that to get seconds you need to try a bite of everything. The only exception we ever made was boy who threw up when he ate pudding. I think it was a texture issue, but if he put it in his mouth he vomited. I thought every kid liked pudding because it's sweet, but nope!
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