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At first I though, HEY! You got the family that I terminated several months ago! and then I read the part that said they they made their payments on time, pick up on time and kept their sick child home and then I realized ... nope, not the same family .

So yes I've been in a similar situation to yours but mine was worse. The first thing that I would advise you to do is just be honest and up front with her. Point out that the child eats every few hours at daycare (and state the times) which is what the children need to stay fueled and that the child gets picked up at {time} and doesn't go to sleep until midnight or so which means that the child is awake for another {number of hours} without eating. Of course the child is hungry. Suggest that if she doesn't want her child to be hungry at home she either put her child to sleep at a healthy time so that her body is more in tuned to what it's supposed to be like or that she feed her an alternating meal and snack every 2-3 hours. It's really just common sense but some people really lack it .

Then add that you work very hard to make sure that each and every child is well taken care of and that you have reason to believe that DCM is not happy with your services. Ask her for specific things that she can point out to you that she did not approve of. Bring up the part about the child saying that she doesn't want to go to daycare and (if it's true) tell her that when she is at daycare that she doesn't show any signs of not wanting to be there. You can also suggest that the comments she makes to you and the vibes that she put out about her concerns with daycare can possibly be picked up by her child and that it could possibly be a reason why the child doesn't want to go to daycare? She could possibly be picking up on the tension of the mother.

It's also quite possible that if you hold a more structured program and have rules that the daycare children must follow it could be confusing to the child if there are no rules and no structure at home KWIM? If DCM lets the child run wild at home for example and you correct the children when they run in the house, jump on the furniture, play with their food etc. it may be difficult for the child to adjust to the sudden changes in freedom and cause resistance. You can bring these issues up with DCM and see what she says and go from there.

It's important that you tell her that her comments make you feel like she doesn't appreciate the hard work and your dedication towards her child and that it makes you feel like she doesn't trust you. A successfull and positive parent/provider relationship is based on trust and maybe she needs to think about whether your DC is really a good choice for her??
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