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Originally Posted by butterfly View Post
Yep, that's me too, but my son also needs gf/cf. He's school age so he isn't here a lot, but I do serve him snacks after school which qualify for the food program. I do most things from scratch, but try to serve him something comparable to what the other kids are eating.

I use lots of udi's and rudi's, glutino, some mixes, etc but these are all expensive alternatives, as I'm sure you know. I think I'll have to start making things in bulk, ahead of time and freezing them to use when needed.
Yes, buy an all purpose GF flour! That is so helpful!

Would it be possible for your SA child to sit in the kitchen (or somewhere the kids aren't) just so he can eat something different and not feel bad about it? I'm just thinking of ways to simplify your life.

Also, you could just do fruits/vegetables and milk (or milk substitute) for snack since those are always GF.
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