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Originally Posted by daycarediva View Post
That's absolutely awesome! She does still love your child, but it's especially long at the end of the day when there is one child left. Thank you for understanding that, and for your sense of humor! I have parents most often want to stay and chat when that happens since I am not busy with other kids
I know, because I do daycare also. I love the kids and I see them around the neighborhood and it's great. But he was just being slow and 2 and cute and smiling at her and saying her name and "bye bye" and I was trying to hurry him up. Because I've been there . Because of my hours (we work the same hours) she knows he's often the first there (but not by much) ,but I make a big effort to pick him up *not* last. That particular day my older kids weren't around to pick up and my *own* daycare kids didn't pick up until 4:15 so until I crossed the street it was a few minutes. Even so usually she has kids there until 4:30 and of course the one day I get there at 4:20 he's the last one. Oh well I do try and she knows that. He wasn't the last by more than a minute though, saw the other one leaving as I was coming in.
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