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Originally Posted by Core12 View Post
I have a dcb who just turned 3. Over the last couple of weeks he has been having Major meltdowns when his parents get ready to leave at drop off. I think his mom is thinking it’s be he doesn’t like it here anymore. We have had him for 2 yrs.
I knew at the beginning that he would leave in August for the “Awesome” preschool that his sibling goes to. His mother has told anyone (parents at drop off) who would listen that this preschool is unbelievable. I was offended by her insensitivity. However, I believe this child can sense the frustration on both sides and is making it hell for me at drop off.
Is this normal for a 3 yr old to suddenly act like this? As a parent what are you thinking?
I'd let mom know that of course, he'd rather stay home with his parent...what child wouldn't?

However, IF she needs child care and needs to bring him, SHE needs to start supporting the fact that he IS going to be left in care. She is sabotaging him by buying into the "he doesn't want to come to daycare" behavior.

BEST way to address it is to call her out for it...

When child arrives let mom know she needs to make drop off swift and quick. If she starts getting him upset or saying anything about him not wanting to be there, immediately agree with her and tell her that unless she makes drop off swift and quick, she'll need to take him with her vs leaving him with you.

I would refuse to keep him when he's mid-tantrum.
Mom is feeding the behavior so SHE needs to address/fix it.
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