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Just need to vent. Normally I would take today off since yesterday was a holiday. We went to Europe in May/June for 2 weeks and the planning for that was overwhelming so i forgot to schedule today off when sending out my summer schedule. I already knew the majority of the children would be gone so I sent a text to the remaining 2 families apologizing for being so late in my planning and saying most of the children would not be here, offering to take today unpaid for everyone but said, since this was late notice, I would work if absolutely needed (but would also have to charge everyone if Iím open). Of course the 2 families said they absolutely needed me. Of course itís my first arrivals and last pick ups. Of course they dropped off and arenít working. I know I shouldnít be annoyed, that I should have expected this, and should have just taken the day off. Iím experienced enough to know this is always how it goes but Iím still trying really hard not to grit my teeth.
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