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Angry Question For Anyone With A Land Line Phone And Long Distance...

I haven't had a land line phone in years but I decided to have a separate line installed just for my business. I ordered the basic service- no caller id, no call waiting, no long distance. Nothing. It is a metered service which means I will pay to make outgoing calls. I only wanted it for incoming business calls and for easier 911 access.
I received a letter a week later thanking me for choosing a long distance plan. No charge for this plan unless I made less than $10 a month in calls and then that's what I would pay. Called to cancel that and they said ok. A week later I get another thank you letter for a different plan only this one the minimum is $20. I call to say WTH. Guy tells me I have no carrier listed and that it's an automated letter that they are trying to put a stop to. He tells me nothing goes on my plan and I will not be charged. I double check on what my monthly charges will be just to make sure he has everything correct. Everything is good to go.

Fast forward to today and I get my first bill. Monthly charges are okay but there is a charge that says "Long Distance Selection Jan 28 $5.50"
Below that it says: "Carrier is: NO CARRIER: Under the other surcharges section I am billed a "Long Distance Access Charge" of 43 cents.

Am I stuck paying for long distance charges no matter what?? I have looked online and I see that they charge a minimum fee no matter what for LD but can they charge be monthly for NOT having a LD carrier?? I am so irritated right now. If they were open I would have called to cancel service already.... And the company is Verizon if that matters. I think all companies are a bunch of thieves, which is why I haven't dealt with them in years.
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