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Default Not Exactly Daycare but Semi Similar


I just wanted some opinions. My children were in a dance program for a couple years. It was super intense. The training was M-Sa from appx 4pm-830/845pm during week and 9am-6pm Sat. This was class+ rehearsal (not incl dress rehearsal or performances).

Now, the center has appx 600 kids. There are all kinds of programs which I thought were great. Excellent and professional productions.

Lots of favoritism
Having 600+ kids in overall program = kids just another #
EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE (for the hours above $475/monthly not including registration, performance or company fees or other fees as added, some families paid $800+ per MONTH.)

NO SCHOLARSHIPS!!!! And they didn't promote any programs except theirs unless it was a favorite kid, then they got all this info.
While a few kids USED to be selected for Broadway and other special programs, this doesn't seem to be happening anymore.
Kids moving "up" to new levels are not ready at times and it is seriously obvious while other kids were being severely held back. Mine was right where she needed to be but, she had 8-9yos in her class that it was very very obvious there was a difference in abilities.

Furthermore, if situations arose, certain parents got 'consideration' while others did not, so it is like they take sides.

Am I crazy or is this kind of schedule, weird situations, and these kinds of fees simply too much? I had pulled my kids but sometimes it irritates me that so many others are sucked in. There are excellent programs MUCH cheaper and yet the director has repeatedly tried discouraging parents from leaving, rather than helping them prepare for professional training (except favorites)

The children in these levels with this intense schedule are 8 yo + and have REQUIREMENTS to take at* least* 2 ballet and one or 2 other classes per week in order to "level up" the following year. (Older kids take appx 8-10 classes per week) It just seems so strange!

Just another money making scheme? Even the Dance Moms company fees were way less expensive (though training just as intense) and they traveled all over.

And to think: parents won't pay dcp's this much!!!!

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