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clearner 07:09 PM 11-10-2020
I'm looking to lease to own a daycare space in New York, preferably Westchester County, Bronx, or Harlem. [email protected]
xosta 07:55 AM 11-16-2020
Good afternoon! Have you already found that? We have recently moved to Harlem from Brooklyn. My daughter went to Brooklyn Child Care We liked that daycare. Now we cannot afford to spend time driving here there. Also, I do not know what to wait for due to the new virus wave. Our previous daycare is still working. However, they take care of children’s health. So, we are looking for a new daycare in Harlem. But Lizzy does not want to change because she had classes there, and she learned how to read. If you know of any reliable daycare on the same level as the Brooklyn one - please, share. Thank you in advance!
Emma Peters 12:38 PM 11-20-2020
Hey there! You moved from Brooklyn but I moved to Brooklyn from Harlem! Thank you for the recommendation of childcare center. I called them today. Their administrator answered tons of my questions and she was so patient. You know, she showed me the whole center with its classrooms and playing areas. I was excited about that! It seems like the best of the preschools in Brooklyn. I can recommend you several daycares in Harlem, cause we changed it three times. Give me your contacts or write to me by yourself, please. I need to explain to you several things.
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