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Parents and Guardians Forum>Daycares should have secure doors?
Unregistered 12:05 PM 01-02-2009
Recently my 3 year old wondered out the front door of her daycare and was found in the parking lot. This is a registered daycare with about 100 kids. Plenty of teachers, great school, clean, fun, etc.....but no security. The 3 year old could have been snatched, ran over, or lost for good. I think they should make these places have a buzz in system or a motel type door where you have a card to get in. What does everyone else think?
nanny 01:31 PM 01-02-2009
That is a frightful thing to find out. I live in a big city and everything ends up missing at some point here. Of course security is more in place in the big city with most doors locked and intercoms in every doorway. The most unexpected events happen in the suburbs because evil knows people are less concerned. That is the world we live in.

I would demand that the daycare you use manage their home security better. I might even file a complaint with the state if this is something that keeps getting overlooked. We must always prepare for the "what if" scenarios.
Unregistered 08:08 AM 01-04-2009
I know that when i daycared in a larger center, they couldn't lock the doors.......Fire Hazard. Ya know "what if" there was a fire. Thats the reason i don't lock my doors. Maybe you need to look deeper into your daycare, 3 year olds shouldn't be wondering around alone, someone should've been watching this child!
Unregistered 07:23 AM 01-07-2009
Simple solution---put a timed buzzer on door. When door opens buzzer and or flasher light goes off in room which always has a teacher or proctor in it.

Have the buzzer turned off during 6-10 am when kids are dropped off and 4- 7 when picked up to avoid "Crying Wolf" with the buzzer.

This can picked up at any Radio Shack for less than $50.
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