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Unregistered 11:08 AM 12-03-2008
I was wondering if there is anything that says when toys are to be bleached for the day?? I am an infant room teacher and for the past 1 1/2 years we have bleached the toys at the end of the day so they are clean and ready for the next day. We have just went back to the old owner who now wants us to bleach the toys during the day (around noon) and dry them and give them back to the children to play with the rest of the day and the next morning. We do put mouthed toys in a container inbetween bleaching times but as we all know little ones can sprend dool etc without us really knowing. We the staff find this gross and really thing toys should be bleached at the end of each day so germs etc can't fester over night or weekends for that matter. She says this is what she does at her other daycares and is using the reason to save her money as this one less thing the cleaners have to do at night.

Any help with this matter would be great.
Unregistered 07:41 PM 01-22-2009
Well most child care do the washing of toys at night so that they can dry. Go on line to washington state laws for child care and they will have the information for you. All of my training I was told to do it at the end of the day so that they dont make the kids sick and all so good luck
Unregistered 02:16 PM 01-23-2009
At the daycare where I work, we also bleach the toys, chairs, extra cots ect... during the childrens cot time (noon) then the evening staff will use a disenfectant spray in the evenings before they close, and depending on the time of year, if colds and flu are going around alot, when I come in the morning I go around a spray again the toys, door knobs, door frames, pretty much anything there little hands touch
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