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SilverSabre25 07:29 AM 04-29-2011
Their original plan was that the day she turned 2, she would start coming to me in underwear.

I nipped *that* one in the bud--immediately! This child has showed me NO signs that she's ready to be potty training. NONE.

But, they are forcing the potty training thing at home. They told me recently that she does really well--so long as they take her every 45 minutes!! I had to work hard to neither roll my eyes nor tell them that SHE'S not being trained--THEY are.

So now this child, who still shows NO readiness signs, is coming to me in pull ups.

I told the parents up front that I won't take her every 45 minutes--that she has to initiate trips here. I'm doing my own part and asking her periodically if she needs to go potty (always "no!") and if she wants to try going ("no!"). She did try for me once yesterday, but did not go...telling me that she really has no clue and IS NOT READY.

So now, she needed diapers, and what did they bring me? A package of pull ups.

Their money, I guess...but geez louise...WHY do they feel the need to force it on her? They can take months to force it on her now or train her in weeks/days when she's ready...ARGH.

/end rant.
Meyou 07:34 AM 04-29-2011
I think it makes the parents feel better to buy pullups for a year. The waste of money makes them think running with their kid to the potty is working.

Sorry you have to deal with this. POtty learning with clueless parents is the worst!
MamaBear 08:59 AM 04-29-2011
I hate when they start the pullups before there even ready. It defeats the whole potty training process for me. I always try to explain to these parents that if they are using pullups to early (basically used as diapers), then they just think of them as diapers and they pee/poo in them - it defeats the whole reasoning behind them. I like to think of pullups as undies for the little ones for when they are READY to train and keep them dry - so when they can freely go potty in the pullups then they wont get the whole concept of them being undies... Plus they are expensive!
bice99 09:37 AM 04-29-2011
So anyone have a great potty training policy that I can read and get ideas from? NannDe - I have yours copied off already. Thanks ladies.
Michael 03:32 PM 04-29-2011
Originally Posted by bice99:
This is happening to me right now. Last week mom of 21 month old DCG said she had peed on the potty and I could try putting her on here. No thank you. So not ready. So I told mom that (of course she's been a friend for 10 years). I'm trying to update my potty training policy. Today, DCG shows up in pull ups. I love pull ups when the child is ready, like the 2 1/2 year old who's in them, but hate it when they are used as diapers. Poop in them is the worst!!! So anyone have a great potty training policy that I can read and get ideas from? NannDe - I have yours copied off already. Thanks ladies. TIA

bice99, I would suggest you not publish your email on the forum. Suggest you have members PM (Private Message) instead. If you do not know how to use our messaging system; look at the upper right portion of the forum and under your username you will see "Private Messages". Click on that link.

jen2651 04:10 PM 04-29-2011
is this their oldest child? it seems to me they are getting pressure from somewhere, whether it is a mil (the biggest ones! their kids were always potty trained at like 3 months or some miraculous thing...until you look at pictures!) or a friend.

LEt them know that even though it seems contradictory, you would really rather use diapers as opposed to pull ups and as she progresses the transition into pullups at your house will be almost seen as a 'reward'. I found especially with girls, the princesses on the pullups are a HUGE thing...and man, they don't want to get Belle wet! BUT, if she isn't at that stage yet, it is a mute point.
bice99 04:16 PM 04-29-2011
Thank you
meganlavonnesmommy 06:30 PM 04-29-2011
Ugh! I have the exact same problem here. DCG just turned 2, and Mom is INSISTANT she is "ready".
She cant pull her own pants on or off, she could sit in a wet/dirty diaper all day and not care. She doesnt tell me when she has gone, and if I ask her if she needs/wants to go its always no.
Mom at home puts her on the potty every hour, and bribes her with fruit snacks to get her to sit on it.
But yet she thinks she's ready.
Mom also told me (in front of the DCG), that she needs her to be potty trained cause she wants to try to get pregnant, and Daddy said they cant start to try until this one is potty trained.
Not sure how to handle those parents who are like this.
I dont want them to think I am not willing to try, but she is NO way ready.

The only suggestion I have is to give the parent info on potty training. I do a monthly newsletter. Next week in my newsletter I am going to attach an article on what to watch for when a child is ready, and make sure it has info on how starting to early can backfire. Maybe something like that would help?
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