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mrsp'slilpeeps 10:47 AM 05-27-2011
I am tired of telling them to stop yelling, biting, screaming, fighting, whining, tattling, throwing toys, to stop running, be nice, ect. I now feel very angry, and have had enough. You name it, they have done it. I sent my ds to go play in his room. now they are all quiet.

I dont know how much longer i can do this for. Im tired of listening to myself.
no one is listening and my concern is that they will get hurt or hurt others but they dont care.

has anyone had one of these days? and how did you get through it.

It has been pouring buckets for a week and some dck's dont have proper rain gear.
I have treid coloring,crafts ect but it turns into a fight.
boysx5 11:02 AM 05-27-2011
we went outside and today has still been a long day just put them all down for a nap and hoping by five they are all gone. Hope your day ends soon come on three day weekend
wdmmom 11:08 AM 05-27-2011
They go down for a nap earlier!
daycarelady68 11:20 AM 05-27-2011
It helps if you listen to music using an ipod or mp3 player. You can see them but not hear them. When I need a break that's what i do.
Tags:instigator, not obeying, providers own child, rules, won't listen
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