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gkids09 08:48 AM 08-16-2011
I have posted recently about feeling like I'm getting a little burnt out on daycare. However, after reading and thinking about some advice given to me, I have decided to totally rearrange my daycare and see if that helps.

It's REALLY hard for me, and always has been, to look at something that is DONE and come up with ideas to make it different. I would LOVE to have some advice from some of you, but I can't get my floor plan to upload onto my post, and I don't know what else to do. So, before I ask for help with rearranging my place, I need to know how to get the floor plan attached! I've tried using the attachments button at the top, but it keeps failing or saying invalid file, when it's just a jpg picture...
Zoe 09:40 AM 08-16-2011
It might be too big. Can you make the file smaller?
gkids09 01:15 PM 08-16-2011
Okay, I THINK it worked this time?? Thank you Zoe! Let me know if you can't see it!

Basically, everything that is labeled is what has to stay that way...Everything else is free reign.

I need a playroom/center area, a circle time area, a diaper area, and a computer area. Any other ideas would be greatly welcomed!! I am seriously ready for a CHANGE!

Also, I don't separate my dcks. I have kids age 1-5, plus after school kids who I would like to have their own area, if possible.

Attached: Floor Plan Email.jpg (37.3 KB) 
Michael 07:34 PM 08-16-2011
I can see it fine. Looks good.
gkids09 08:47 AM 08-17-2011
Thanks Michael..

I have one daycare parent who used to teach Pre-K, and she said she would be glad to help me move stuff whenever I figured out what to do! I am so ready for this change!!
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