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Unregistered 12:28 PM 10-06-2011
I am a registered user, but have logged out for this post.
I have dck that's been with me for over a year. During this time, her parents have split up. Rarely, will dcd pick up child(it has to go through mom first. She lets me know when he is coming) Dck and dcm are living with dcm's parents. I recentlly found out (by dcm) that she has a boyfriend. He also has at least 1 child. Anyway, dck and dcm go out to eat almost every night, they are always going/doing something every night. Mom says do you want to go here, do you want to go there. They were just at disneyworld for a week. they went with mom's bf.
Now I found out, mom is going for assistance! don't know what all she is going for. I do know however, that I will not get involved in subsidy. I've been though that road before. I lost a kid last year, because I said I would no longer be accepting subsidy. (Normally, that kid was only here 3 days/week. Gramps had to bring him everyday with subsidy. In the end, it was costing gramps more because he was bring him everyday. After awhile, he was bringing the kid down to his normal 3 days/week and wanted me to mark down he was here everyday.)
At first I was sympathic toward mom when she told me several months ago that her and her husband had split up. But then I"m finding more things out(not by my doing) and I've since become less sympathic with her "problems"
familyschoolcare 12:45 PM 10-06-2011
It is possible that the boyfriend is paying for most/all the outings and the Disneyland vacation. In which case Mom's income on paper would be small enough to qualify for assistance. If you do not what to accept subsidy then do not. Unless Mom confesses that she is lying about her income to the assistance people then try not to worry about wither or not she is getting assistance.
Nellie 05:08 PM 10-06-2011
Sometimes things aren't what they seem. I know some one who lost there job a while back. She started going to school again. I know that they scaled back a little. Then her unemployment ran out, but it appeared to me that there spending didn't. I always kept wondering what "my family" was doing wrong. We didn't have money to spend $500 + on our kids each for birthdays, Christmas, ect. Didn't have money for new cars, vacations, ect. Found out recently that they haven't made a house payment in over a year, credit cards are maxed, utilities have been shut off and put in a relative's name, ect.
We comparably were bringing in the same amount, but we chose to spend our money differently.
She maybe going in for assistance, but doesn't mean she will get it. Since she is living with her parents she probable doesn't have much for bills. Parents are probable providing housing, utilities, and food. Where I live they would include parents income for food stamps, but not for medical assistance. Not sure about daycare assistance.
I understand that sometimes it is hard not to feel for the families that you take care of, but try not to take on their problems. If you don't take state assistance just let her know
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