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awestbrook713 05:21 AM 11-03-2011
My first parent brought my paper work for the subsidy and I am sitting here trying to figure out how to fill out the rate part correctly. I decided each day of care a child is here will be $25 so this child is here 5 days a week and his weekly rate is $125, I don't have a part day rate or hourly rate. So for those of you that have filled out this paper work do I just put the daily rate of $25 for all ages and leave it at that since each family has a different weekly rate based on number of days in care. I was thinking about putting $125 weekly rate based on 5 days of care. Why does paper work have to be so confusing. I am in new york to if this helps. I'm thinking I may just have to call my licensing office and ask them I guess.
awestbrook713 06:48 AM 11-03-2011
Have a call in my licensor, hope she can answer my questions or point me in the right direction
GretasLittleFriends 07:45 AM 11-03-2011
The Child Care Assistance Program in my area (state?) has the provider fill out an initial packet with their information, name, address, license number, etc. There is also a section to fill out hourly, daily, and weekly rates. Also if we charge a NSH (non-standard hour) fee (applies for those of us who do night and weekend care). We were also expected to provide a copy of our contract to the CCAP to verify that we are charging everyone the same rate whether they are on assistance or not.

I guess, not sure what your paperwork looks like, I'd just put the $125 weekly rate. That way there is no confusion for this child. Afterall, $25/day is $125/week.
awestbrook713 08:18 AM 11-03-2011
Thanks gretaslittlefriends. I did receive a call back and have everything worked out. I love the office I work with they are so quick and nice. Thanks again for the answer.
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