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DBug 06:23 AM 12-03-2009
How do you tell when a child has grown out of their morning nap? My one little dcb is keeping the other 2 or 3 morning nappers awake by talking. He's not crying or anything -- just chattering away happily. So far the parents would like at least a rest time in the morning, but I only have one nap area. The big kids either play inside or outside during the morning, and there aren't any other rooms I can (or want to) put him in. He kept the others awake yesterday for 30 - 45 minutes of both naptimes as well. And then it took him another hour to get to sleep after that for his pm nap. He's 20 months, and I'm leaning towards keeping him up for the mornings from now on. This morning's naptime was a total write-off, for him and the other 2.

How do you tell when a child is ready to give up their morning nap? Any advice on how to break it to the parents?
Reply 06:36 AM 12-03-2009
I cut it out when they show signs like you mentioned.
kitkat 10:20 AM 12-03-2009
Sounds like he's ready for one nap. Tell the parents the behavior signs that you've been seeing and explain that it means he's ready for one nap. There really isn't a need for a rest and a nap, hopefully you can explain that to the parents. If they are really insistent on a morning rest, maybe you can have a set time to read books to him and that can count as a rest. If you have a set nap time for everyone, you might have to tweak it a little because dcb might be tired earlier than the others while he transitions.
Unregistered 01:52 PM 12-03-2009
This is about as bad, as a parent at the age of 1 want you to totally get rid of the am nap to sleep all night for them!! If a child is tired, following you all over, whining, screaming, crying, etc. they are still tired and need the nap badly!!!
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