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familyschoolcare 04:45 PM 11-03-2011
pick up the phone and call me to tell me that your child is going to stay afterschool for detention? That is the question.

The answer so hard that even a $10 fee for not doing it still does not get it done.

This will be the secound time I have had to charge this fee to this parent in two weeks.

If this keeps up I will have to increase this fee
rbmom 05:41 PM 11-03-2011
Oh I have a few parents that "forget" to tell me that their kids will not be getting off the school bus in afternoon. Always makes me worry then get mad when they say "oh sorry!" never thought of charging a few for that though, great idea!!
wdmmom 05:54 PM 11-03-2011
I consider mine a "convenience fee". Meaning if we plan on going to the park or enjoying a stroll in the neighborhood and we have to wait (especially for nothing), you are going to pay the daily rate plus a convenience fee of $10.

I had 1 parent that was consistently late. Drop off was suppose to be 615am and about once a week she's "forget" to tell me that she traded days with someone to work the weekend or was taking a day off. Once I told parents about the convenience fee, I've never had to charge it!
familyschoolcare 06:23 PM 11-03-2011
Mine is basicaily a convience fee. Becasue today for example I had to get all the other childern (this was the last of three schools I pick up at) out of the car to find out where the child was. Then I had to use my cell phone to call the parent to confirm that this is what was supposed to happen. Got the same answer as last time. Oh Dad did not call you he sadi he would. This is a divoriced caouple and Dad is not on the contract and Mom pays all fees. At pick up I sujjested to Mom to call enven if Dad says he was going to B/C I would rather have two callls than no calls and besides there is not aa $10 fee for two calls.
familyschoolcare 04:47 PM 11-08-2011
This time I whent to th office to try and find the child, the office paged him and no answer. They paged him a secound time no answer. The the secetary said letz see if he was at school today I say I know he was at school B/C my DD has PE with him last period and saw him.

So the school persaonl whent on a search for him mean while I called mom got the voice mail, left a message. Called Dad phone number not working. Then called auntie got a voice mail, left a message. Called older adult brother got a voice mail, left a message. Called uncle talked to uncle and uncle tried to call mom got voice mail.

School finaly confirmed that DCB was seen at school with his bike. So I called uncle back and told him this and that i was going under the assumption that DCB is riding his bike to dad's house.

Then when I finaly pull up at my house 25 min later than normal DCB is sitting on the front porch. So I call Uncle back and tell him that he is here.

Then at snack I asked DCB what happened. He said that Dad had to leave for work at 7:40 and that was too early for DCB to be at school (he has gotten in to trouble for this) So DCB was told to ride his bike to school. DCB said I thought my dad called you.
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