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awestbrook713 05:54 AM 11-10-2011
So the one family I have been working with on getting approved for assistance got the answer back and they will be covering all but $1 of the cost lol. I wish I had not stressed myself out so much lately. I forget no matter how glum a situation looks the big guy has it all under control.
Christian Mother 06:22 AM 11-10-2011
Yea!!! That is great news!!
beachgrl 07:37 AM 11-10-2011
Great news!,congrats..same here! Even though I haven't heard from one of my drop in families yet and have probably lost them, and heard from the potential parent today that I thought was a pretty sure thing.. That a friend offered to watch her child...I still feel better with the changes I have made and still have faith that more families and kids will come soon!

I am relieved and hopeful that I will fill mor spots soon
Glad for you!
small_steps 07:42 AM 11-10-2011
Glad for you! Now you can maybe relax a little! Hopefully you will easily find replacements for the other ones that are leaving too.
awestbrook713 07:44 AM 11-10-2011
I hope that everything works out for all of you as well.
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