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Daycare Insurance>Home and Liability Insurance Combined
radhas 06:57 PM 11-28-2011
I need advice for insurance. Today my home insurance people called and told us that they are not giving home insurance coverage because I have a daycare. Now, I am looking for home insurance. I already have Liability insurance. Please if anyone know who provide home and liability insurance let me know. I live in San Jose, California.
MommieNana4 07:45 PM 11-28-2011
I have homeowner's and liability insurance through State Farm. I live in MD.
radhas 05:45 AM 11-29-2011
Thank You. I will contact them.
snbauser 10:29 AM 11-29-2011
When I was in CA I had mine through State Farm. They covered me when we first moved here but when I expanded, they dropped me.
TomCopeland 04:00 PM 11-29-2011
Here's a family child care insurance directory:
radhas 12:50 PM 12-01-2011
Thank You.
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