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Abigail 11:52 AM 12-02-2011
I've seen a lot of "rain gutter" book displays, but I re-arrange too much right now to add those to my daycare space. I've also seen a lot of wooden book shelves that stagger up like a ladder with about 5 shelves and are one or two sided. With these types of book display shelves all I've seen children do is try to climb them, especially if they're infront of the window.

I was thinking this might be a better alternative?

I wish I could read reviews or have most pictures of the angles. I was thinking it would be cool to have someone build it because I would like to felt-story-board front to be able to move up and be removed. Shelving is behind it and I would use it for the sets of books with the felt pieces, but if I ever wanted to use this shelf for toys I could just remove the front part and use the inside shelves for toys and the top too. KWIM?
Meeko 12:35 PM 12-02-2011
You could probably have someone make you one for a lot less than $249! It's cute, but not $249 cute!
mismatchedsocks 12:41 PM 12-02-2011

I have this one, I can prop the felt board up on it to do flannel board activities.
Crystal 01:16 PM 12-02-2011
This one is beautiful....I almost bought it the other day, but am planning on doing raingutters after a floor move this weekend so decided against it:
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