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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>What's With All The Old Threads?
Heidi 08:59 AM 12-07-2011
Why do they keep getting resurrected?

I have learned to look at the original OP date before I answer anything!
SilverSabre25 09:04 AM 12-07-2011
Often the old threads are resurrected when someone is searching for something on Google and stumbles onto one of the old threads (as Michael says, this site is well-indexed on Google) and posts to it.
Michael 04:13 PM 12-07-2011
Correct, nothing wrong with adding to an older thread. Some members may also have subscribed to the thread and a new post will create an email notification to them.
frgsonmysox 04:33 PM 12-07-2011
I'm enjoying the old threads. As a newbie here I'm learning A LOT. I have a notebook near my computer that I've been jotting notes down on. I don't plan to start daycare until June, so I have a while to figure out what I want and the old threads help.
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